About My Art

I spend time in nature collecting soil and clay which I then crush, grind, mull and sift into precious pigment.

Colors of the West. Acrylic paints on canvas.

I believe that an artists work is a reflection of the inner and outer environment she inhabits. Thus, many of my paintings have overtones of the high desert southwest. It is a terrain rich in native spirits, dream beings, shape shifters and  spirit walkers.

I often infuse the color palette and  texture of the Southwest into my work. Raven, deer, jackrabbits, petroglyphs, skulls and bones often find their way onto the canvas. There is a mysterious, etherial quality that I endeavor to capture.

I use a variety of mediums for my work including fluid and heavy bodied acrylic paints, oil paints, egg tempera and earth friendly natural pigments.

This painting was painted in egg tempera, a technique that combines egg yolk, natural pigments and water. It was popularized during the Renaissance era. It’s subtle sheen and luminous quality is one of it’s most outstanding qualities.

Natural Earth Pigments are organic and inorganic materials that are mined directly from Mother Earth or milled from semi-precious and precious minerals. They can be mixed with water or oil based binders to create luminous, dynamic colors that are timeless, archival and harmless to the environment.

Earth pigments carry the essence and soul of the land they came from; Ochres from France, Siennas from Italy, Umbers from Cyprus, precious Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan, and many others that are sourced form the four corners of the world.