About Me

I have always been an astute observer of color, texture, pattern, energy and light, this way of seeing enabled me to become a skillful artist early on.

My parents recognized my enthusiasm and creative spirit at an early age so they enrolled me in art classes to nurture and shape my  gift. Although brief in duration, those classes were the spark that ignited the flame of artistic passion which has been burning ever since.

Before painting, teaching, and selling original art full time I owned a successful Decorative painting/interior design business. I worked closely with  designers, contractors and diverse clientele for over 15 years. Today I draw inspiration for my rich pallet of saturated color and texture from years of living in the mediterranean as a young adult and continue to source inspiration from the abundant nature around me.

I am an Art of Allowing Facilitator and have worked closely with my dear friend and mentor Flora Aube for the past 3 years. I am honored to offer her amazing painting approach to others. Through practicing “The Art of Allowing”  my students are encouraged to cultivate their relationship with the Divine Mystery as a source of deep inner wisdom, intuitive knowing, and soul work.

I live in Northern AZ, adjacent to thousands of acres of National forest and state land where, when I am not in the studio I can  be found hiking or on horseback.  Along with my  husband Joe, I  also share my life with several horses and dogs who teach innumerable lessons in the ways of humor, humility, and unconditional love.